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Central Coast Guitar Lessons – Learn to play Great Guitar … Fast!

If you really want to learn to play great guitar, and learn it as quickly as possible, you will do so much better by taking lessons with a good guitar teacher. A good teacher will help you develop strategies for achieving your goals, and your playing will progress much more rapidly and correctly with a good teacher than without one.

I can tailor lessons for all needs, no matter what you aim to achieve. I realise that not everyone aspires to become a professional musician. You may just want learn the basics of guitar so you can strum the chords to some of your favourite songs, and that’s ok. I also realise that everyone learns at their own pace and I am able to teach according to the individual.

I have taught students who only took up guitar in their 40s and 50s and went on to play in professional bands. At the other end of the spectrum, I consider eight years old to be the minimum age for formal guitar lessons and the child will need to be willing to commit to a daily practice routine and have the physical attributes to be able to perform basic techniques (such as having the finger strength to hold down basic chords).

I specialise in mainstream rock and pop, alternative rock, indie pop, indie folk and blues. Some of my influences include Radiohead, The Pixies, TV On The Radio, REM, Midlake, Steve Earle, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Paul Weller, The Jam, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, The Byrds, Neil Young, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jimi Hendrix, 1960s Motown and soul music. While my teaching is not limited to these artists and styles, what I hope it does show is that I most like great guitar playing within the context of great songs rather than great guitar playing for its own sake.

Great guitar playing is great because it’s expressive. It’s where a guitar style – the notes, the tone – perfectly fits the music and the sense of what wants to be said. And it’s not just about the notes you play; it’s also about the notes you don’t play. It’s about light and shade. It’s about context. Great guitarists can exhibit great technique (Jeff Beck for example) but many great players aren’t necessarily technical players. Perfect examples are Peter Buck (REM), Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) and Neil Young.

 Fender, Maton, Yamaha and Takeharu acoustic guitars


Private Lessons – availability and prices


Weekly lessons – $30 per half hour, $55 per hour

Pay by the week. However, we do require you to commit to a regular timeslot.

Book for 4 weeks at a time – $28 per half hour, $50 per hour

To be paid in advance at start of each 4 week block.

Book for 10 weeks at a time – $26 per half hour, $45 per hour

Ten consecutive weekly lessons. Paid in advance at start of the 10 week block.



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Cancellation Policy

Generally, you must give 24 hours notice if you wish to reschedule a lesson. I will allow one rescheduled lesson per term where a lesson is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice due to an unforeseen event or emergency.


What you will learn

Beginner level

Parts of the guitar

Holding the guitar

Right arm position

Holding the pick / picking technique

Left hand technique – fingering

Tuning the guitar

Replacing strings

Music notation / guitar tablature

Note names and note values

The major scale

Simple melodies and finger exercises

Basic chords and chord progressions

Basic strumming technique

Learning simple songs

How to practice and get the most from your practice time

Intermediate level

Barre Chords

Power chords

Moveable chord shapes up and down the neck

Chord construction theory


More complex chord progressions and songs

More complex rhythm and strumming techniques

Pentatonic and blues scales

Minor scales

Left hand techniques – bending notes, hammer ons, pull offs, vibrato etc

Soloing and basic improvisation

More advanced picking techniques

Drones and pedal notes

An introduction to open tunings

Basic slide guitar techniques

Advanced level

Expanding upon intermediate level skills (listed in the above section)

More advanced soloing and improvisation

Learning how to pull any sound you want out of your guitar

Anything that the student wants to focus on