Do you need a guitar teacher?

The advantages of taking lessons from a good guitar teacher

If you really want to learn guitar well, and learn it quickly, you will do so much better taking lessons with a good guitar teacher.

Without a good guitar teacher you could spend hours, days, weeks, months and even years trying to learn things with limited results when a good teacher might be able to show you in as little time as a single guitar lesson. Your guitar playing will progress much more rapidly and correctly with a good teacher than without one.

There is so much information to be found on the internet; YouTube guitar lessons, guitar TAB and so on. Sometimes it can be excellent quality but quite often it is incorrect or incomplete information. At a beginner or intermediate level how are you able to differentiate between a good online guitar lesson or TAB and a bad one? Anyone can post a YouTube guitar lesson or post guitar TAB on any of the multitude of TAB websites and the quality varies greatly. I have seen many examples of TAB that are so wrong that they will actually hinder your learning; for example, wrong notes, wrong key, capo in the wrong position, chord symbols in the wrong positions, parts of the arrangement missing.

Another advantage of having a good guitar teacher is that you can draw upon his or her experience. A good teacher can help you develop strategies for achieving your goals, show you the correct way to practice and get the most from your practice, develop and strengthen your work ethic, spot weaknesses that need improving and bad habits that need correcting, help you develop your ear so that you can work out and transcribe songs by yourself, develop your songwriting skills and so on. An experienced teacher can also pass on much valuable knowledge about the music business in general, such as getting gigs, working in bands, dealing with people in the music industry, and much more.

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