My Music

This video features a Clapton / Cream style guitar solo over an uptempo blues backing in the key of A.

A melodic David Gilmour  style solo in the key of F#m using single string bends, double stop bends, unison bends and lots of vibrato.

A country blues solo in the key of G featuring the following techniques; single string bends, double stop bends, vibrato, slides and a blues turnaround.

This video focuses on the rhythm guitar part from one of my original songs. The right hand is a mix of arpeggiated chords and strumming.

An example of unison bends, a relatively simple but very effective technique used by the likes of Jimi Hendrix among others. Unison bends sound best when played with a strong, slow hand vibrato. The vibrato used here gives the notes much more warmth, sustain and expression.

An example of electric slide playing over a somewhat folky, REM-style chord progression. Both guitars use a standard tuning.

You and Me in a Cemetery. One of my original songs and an example of finger picking on a nylon string guitar.

The Waiting. An original instrumental featuring finger picked electric guitar, organ, strings and e-bow.